Common AC Repair Issues in West Palm Beach

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It always seems that the air conditioning systems stops working on the hottest day of the year. A common scenario is that the thermostat is set low but the house is just boiling hot. Whenever there is a mechanical failure, it is a top priority. West Palm Beach’s tropical climate causes high summer temperatures. Those who live in the local area need to have their air conditioner running smoothly to combat the heat. At the first sign of trouble, there is cause for alarm. Don’t wait until your issue becomes a mechanical failure; call a repair professional when you notice anything wrong.

Common Mechanical Issues

We receive calls every day from people across the area whose air conditioning is not working properly. Many times a service call can identify a problem before it becomes an outage. Here are some issues that we service on a daily basis.

*Loud Noises From Unit – This is typically caused by a belt about to break or a faulty fan motor. We carry parts on our trucks to fix your issue.

*Water Leak – Air conditioners are known for leaking condensation, but if you having a major water issue, your drip pan could be clogged or rusted. There could also be a plumbing problem with the outtake hose that removes water from the unit. An inspection will verify and we can repair the issue.

*Breaker Keeps Kicking – If your breaking keeps kicking off, do not keep turning it back on. It is the most common sign of a compressor issue. Leave it off and call for help. Anything that is electrical in nature should not wait till later.

*Units Blowing Hot Air – A unit that is blowing hot air usually has lost its refrigerant or has a contactor issue. We will perform leak check to find where the leak is, repair it and refill the system. A contactor is a quick electrical fix and is a common occurrence.

*Unit Won’t Shut Off – Typically, when a unit won’t shut off we look at the thermostat. A bad thermostat can cause problems with the temperature and won’t allow the unit to turn off and on correctly. A new thermostat is an easy fix.

You Can Depend on Us

When you’re faced with an AC breakdown, don’t worry; we’ve got your covered. The AC Repair West Palm Beach specialists are standing by reading to help you in your time of need. We are available 24/7 for your repair service issues. We guarantee our work so that you can rest easy once your system is restored. We received numerous questions from customers in the area who are leery of allowing technicians in their home. In the day and time we live in, you can never be too careful. There are some things you should know about our company.

We are a certified heating and air conditioner repair company that is licensed and insured to handle your needs. We can handle repair needs or routine maintenance. All of our technicians have been through rigorous training to ensure they can service any make or model of unit. You won’t have to worry when our skilled experts are on the job. When you have a service issue, we take your issue as our top priority. Call us today for an inspection to ensure you unit is ready for the upcoming season.